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AJB Moves Offices to Tumwater

AJB and Bookworks sign at new, Tumwater location
Since 2002, when our owner, Aaron Borden, bought his first excavator, like many contactors, he ran his business from a home office. Aaron spends virtually all of his day in his truck, driving from project to project, making sure that his crews have everything they need to efficiently do their work, and to have the final say on quality control.

However, as business has grown, so has our need for office space. In addition to his own, growing business, his wife, Meghan, has a successful, growing bookkeeping and accounting service. By last fall, their home office was bursting at the seams. Plus, with two young boys at home, it was time to create some separation between home and work.

At the same time, as AJB Landscaping & Fence has grown, so has the need for yard space. We operate multiple crews and work on multiple projects simultaneously. As a result, we now have a growing fleet of vehicles and equipment, plus we need more and more room to stage materials for current and upcoming jobs. Much of the Borden's personal property had been engulfed by AJB.

We are happy to announce that as of February 2016, AJB has purchased separate, commercial space. The new headquarters is located in Tumwater (or South Olympia, depending on who you ask), off of Old Highway 99, just east of the Olympia Airport. This provides us with plenty of office space for both AJB and Bookworks Accounting. The new building has a reception area, plus Aaron has his own, private office!

AJB's new location across from Olympia AirportAJB's new location across from Olympia Airport includes plenty of office space, plus a secure, fenced yard for equipment and staging supplies.

Just as important as the office space, we now have a large, secure, fenced area to store vehicles and equipment. And with easy access to Capital Drive and I-5, we are able to more efficiently coordinate between multiple worksites accross the greater Olympia area, as well as travel from Chehalis up to Lakewood.

The dust is still settling, so if you stop by our new office at 605 Durrell Rd., please "mind our mess." But we are super excited to have made this important next step in the growth of our business.