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AJB vlog: ROCKin' it with AJB!

In this episode of the AJB vLog:

  • Aaron's at it again, showing off the art of the hustle. He's always ready to do business, even at the convenience store.

  • We take a visit to Black Lake Resources, our favorite quarry in South Puget Sound. We soruce most of the rocks and gravel we use from these folks. Visit them on the web at www.blacklakerock.com.

  • We stop by the Keifer job again to take a look at the progress on the solid wood, tongue & groove fence and artificial turf putting green project we've been working on. And Aaron gives a little love to the crew! We should be wrapping up this job soon and then we'll get some awesome final photos.

AJB BBQ at the Olympia Airshow!

One of the advantages to our Tumwater office location is we're right across the street from the Olympia Airport. And that means front row seats to the June airshow! We took advantage and held a customer appreciation BBQ. We pulled out all the stops, including a a bouncy house, taco truck and Aaron's famous RekTek Ribs. You ain't tasted ribs until you've tried Aaron's!

We value and appreciate all our customers! Whether we've built you a fence, a retaining wall, installed sod... whatever it is. At AJB we know that we wouldn't be anything without our customers.

Thank you, and don't miss our BBQ next year!

AJB vlog #2: We're the Professionals

We only work with the best and we demand excellence. Watch how Aaron responds when a job isn't being built to his high expectations. Also, see one of our awesome retaining walls being built on Clear Lake... the third one for the same customer! We built an entirely new addition to the backyard by backfilling behind the new retaining wall, turning unusable space into flower beds, additional patio space and a fire pit.

There's always time for a hug!

AJB vlog: Premiere Episode!

Our very first "Day in the Life" video blog! We're going to bring you a video every week showing you what's it like working at and with AJB. From Aaron running from job to job keeping everything running smoothly to all our hard-working crews, we want to show you the full picture of how our business runs. Because we are a full-service landscaping company, it takes a lot to keep everything coordinated. From excavating and yard tear-outs to fences, retaining walls, concrete work, paver patios, softscapes... we do it all!

We're excited and we're growing! Aaron has a personal goal having 10 simultaneous crews working by the end of the year. (Yes, we're hiring... if you have landscaping trade skills and are looking for rewarding work from a growing company, CALL US!)



AJB Moves Offices to Tumwater

AJB and Bookworks sign at new, Tumwater location
Since 2002, when our owner, Aaron Borden, bought his first excavator, like many contactors, he ran his business from a home office. Aaron spends virtually all of his day in his truck, driving from project to project, making sure that his crews have everything they need to efficiently do their work, and to have the final say on quality control.

However, as business has grown, so has our need for office space. In addition to his own, growing business, his wife, Meghan, has a successful, growing bookkeeping and accounting service. By last fall, their home office was bursting at the seams. Plus, with two young boys at home, it was time to create some separation between home and work.

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