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Olympia Electric Double Swing Gate with Security System

Electric double swing security gate with remote in Olympia, WashingtonThis electric double-swing security gate in rural Olympia opens from a remote keypad or from wireless remotes from inside a vehicle. (Click to see a larger view.)

Getting in the "Swing" of Things with a Remote-Controlled Swing Gate System

This rural Olympia property had problems with unwanted traffic using their property at the end of the road as a turnaround. The owners didn't want to completely block off the view and turn the property into a fortress, but wanted to add a level of privacy and security.

To solve this problem, we installed an ornamental, iron double swing gate. The gate is motorized and has a keyed entry and a remote system. The keypad is programmed with different codes for different people for added security.

When the property owners arrive, they use a remote control from their vehicle to open the gate -- it works just like a garage door opener. This is great in the winter because they don't have to open the window to use the entry keypad in the rain.

Guests can also call the home from the keypad and the residents can open the gate remotely from the house.

AJB Landscaping & Fence can install this type of gate with additional security features, including a remote camera that can be monitored from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

In addition to double-swing gates we can install remote entry systems on other gate styles, including single swing gates and rolling gates. We can customize this solution for any situation.