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Hawks Prairie 55+ Community Backyard with K9 Grass

Backyard with K9 "Forever Grass", estate fence and paver patioAJB did all of the landscaping for this backyard in the Jubilee 55 and over retirement community in Lacey, WA, featuing K9 "Forever Grass".

A Maintenance-Free Backyard, Including "ForeverLawn" for Fido

The older couple who bought this new home were left with the task of finishing their small backyard. Jubilee is a fairly new 55 and over community in the growing Hawks Prairie subdivision of Lacey, Washington. This community provides great amenities for seniors, but typically the homes are sold with unfinished backyards so that the new owners can configure them to best fit their needs. We worked with the couple to create a space that was functional and easy to maintain. They also have a fairly large dog and wanted to create a safe and secure environment to let him outside where he could not get loose and get into things.

One of their specific requirements was a lawn that would require little or no maintenance. Because they are an older couple, they did not want to have to worry about mowing their lawn. They were also concerned about their dog digging up turf and creating "burn marks" when he went potty.

Our solution was not to use grass at all. Instead, we installed a special kind of artificial turf called ForeverLawn K9Grass that is specifically designed to be Fido friendly. Since it's not real grass, it never has to be watered or fertilized. At the same time, it's permeable and designed to be withstand the acidic components of dog urine and excrement. After poop-scooping, soiled areas can be washed off with a hose. And it's antimicrobial properties mean it will keep both dogs and their owners safe. Frankly, K9Grass is not cheap. But over the life of the product it easily pays for itself through the money it saves in water and maintenance savings, and it's designed to look beautiful for many years. It's so durable that it's used by many dog kennels, boarding facilities and dog parks.

To complement the K9Grass and the raised patio that was included with the home, we built a 180 square foot paver patio using Western Interlock Columbia Blend paver stones. Then, to secure the space, we built a cedar estate fence tall enough to prevent their dog from escaping, as well as provide privacy from the adjacent properties. This style of fence leaves no gaps to see through, making it less likely the dog will get agitated when by seeing activity next door.

It's not for everyone, but if you have dogs in a residential environment and are looking for a maintenance-free lawn solution, ForeverLawn K9Grass might be the solution for you. To find out more, contact AJB Landscaping & Fence at (360) 789-3707 or simply use the contact tab at the top of our website.

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