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Lacey Yard Regrading and Retaining Wall

Raised section during and after regrading and fill. This area is now stable for RV and boat parking, yet still provides good drainage.Raised section during and after regrading and fill. This area is now stable for RV and boat parking, yet still provides good drainage.

Home in The Meadows Subdivision Now Has Gated RV Parking

Living in South Puget Sound's rolling landscape, it's not uncommon to have to come up with solutions for grading property on hills. In order to build a house, developers need to create a level, even surface, so they excavate and add or remove fill to even out the area where the house will sit. Evcavating and adding fill dirt quickly get expensive, however, so it's not uncommon for a developer to only grade the area around the home, leaving the rest of the property untouched. Unfortunately, in many cases this makes the ungraded property unusable and little more than an easement.

Much of this property in The Meadows subdivision in Lacey, Washington wasn't usable. The bulding area for the home was graded to street level, but the rest of the lot was left at its original slope. As a result, nearly half of the land was at least four feet lower, essentially leaving a big hole. This also created a serious drainage problem.

The homeowner wanted to make the half of the property usable as gated RV and boat parking. To accomplish this, we built up the land to the same height as the rest of the property. First, we installed a four foot high retaining wall around the perimeter of the fill area using 8" Basalite blocks.

We then filled the area with about 120 cubic yards of tailings. Tailings are a rocky mix made up from the screened leftovers from the production of other quarry materials.  It's not only inexpensive, but it also drains well while still providing a firm, stable base. We mixed in a small amount of dirt to act as a binder, making the filled area more stable after compacting. Then we topped off the filled area with 5/8 minus, a permeable, crushed rock mixture, to make a smooth, even surface.

The end result is a low maintenance, stable raised pad that is safe for parking recreational vehicles and equipment, while still providing sufficient drainage.

If you have undeveloped portions of your property that are unusable due to grading issues, AJB Services can help. We started our business as an excavation company, so we have a great deal of experience developing property into usable space. For more information or a free quote, contact us using our web form, or give us a call at 360.789.3707.


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