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Tiered Retaining Wall with Vinyl Fencing in West Olympia

Tiered retaining wall with complementing vinyl fence. Point to the image to see how it looked before the transformation.Tiered retaining wall with complementing vinyl fence. Point to the image to see how it looked before the transformation.

Meticulous Care To Protect Existing Landscaping Yields Beautiful Results

Don Coulter had installed his own fence and retaining wall about 30 years ago. As many people did around that time, Don used pressure treated 4"x6" timbers to build his retaining wall.

Over the years, nature took its toll on both the fence and the wall. The fence slowly warped and buckled, and the retaining wall timbers rotted away.

Don decided it was time for a major property facelift and hired AJB Construction to do the job. First we "demo'd" (removed) the old fence and retaining wall, and installed a brand new drainage system to prevent water from flooding the retaining wall tiers. This will extend the life of the new retaining wall system.

Our main priority while installing the new drainage system and retaining wall was to preserve the existing shrubbery and mature landscaping. We knew how important this was to the Coulters, and so we made it our mission leave the landscaping better than when we began the project. Though it took extra time for our crew, we planned carefully and painstaking worked around the mature tree root systems and irrigation lines. We even added mulch in areas that we weren't contract to do because we were so committed to the final product.

Thanks to this careful work, The Coulters have a brand new tiered retaining wall system with a striking custom vinyl fence, yet still have mature landscaping.

The Coulter's chose a vinyl fence for a number of reasons. While vinyl is more expensive than a wood fence, once installed it requires virtually no maintenance. Vinyl fences can be easily washed off with a pressure washer and will look just like new for many years. They are extremely durable and won't rot or weather like wood. Plus, you can mix colors, as we did with the Coulter's fence, combining while posts with beige panels.

Over the three week period we spent working on this project, everyone who lives in the development stopped by and some point to tell us how incredible the new upgrades looked. Many of them were particularly envious of the fence.

We couldn't be prouder of the results. Don is thrilled, and the entire neighborhood just loves the new look.

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