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Retaining Wall with Capstones

AJB built this retaining wall in the Meadows, a subdivision in Lacey.AJB built this retaining wall in the Meadows, a subdivision in Lacey.

Encore Blocks with Matching Capstones Transform Unfinished Backyard

There are times when willingness to put in a little elbow grease buys you great value for your money. That's what happened to this young military couple that bought a home in the Meadows subdivision in Lacey, Washington.

The previous owners of this property ran out of money and never did finish their yard, so the new owners were able to buy a nice, family home in a desirable neighborhood, getting great value for their money. They then hired AJB Landscaping & Fence to help them finish the yard.

AJB graded the backyard to be level with the house, which, once completed, will give them a large, flat area for their kids and pets to play. We then installed a layer of top soil to prepare the area for grass.

Because they were on a budget, they decided to install their own lawn. Originally, they had planned to use grass seed, but after consulting with our owner, Aaron Borden, they learned the advantages of installing sod. Instead of struggling for weeks to establish lawn from seed, they would start with a healthy, green lawn. While new sod still requires plenty of water, it's much easier to care for than fragile, young grass, particularly duing the hot, dry summer months, and it meant they could start using the lawn after only a couple of weeks.

They were able to install the sod themselves and achieve excellent results. While we normally install sod for our customers, we are happy to work with customers like them who are willing to do the work themselves to save money.

After grading and prepping the yard, we then built a retaining wall around the rear of the property to the level of the fenced perimeter using Encore blocks and capstones. This retaining wall, along with the drainage system we installed, will prevent the hillside from eroding into the yard.

Whether you have existing landscaping that needs renovation or upgrading, or are starting from scratch like this family, AJB Landscaping and Fence can provide all services you need complete your project at a fair price. For a free estimate on your project, please contact us using the tab at the top of our website, or give us a call at (360) 789-3707.

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