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Raised RV Parking with Hook-ups

Raised RV parking with full hookups, including water, electric and septic dump.Raised RV parking with full hookups, including water, electric and septic dump.

 A Creative Solution to a Big Parking Problem

When you live in the hills and own an RV, it's often hard to find a good place to park it. This was the problem this Olympia homeowner on Center Street had. The only place to park their RV was on the edge of the property, and because of the steep grade of the land, it would be dangerously close to the road and to a steep hill.

We solved this problem by creating a raised RV parking pad ajacent to the road. First, we built a retaining wall using Basalite Encore blocks to frame in the pad area. Then we added fill to raise, level and compact the area. We generally use "tailings" to fill in areas like this because the mixture of dirt and rock by-products makes a very stable base. It's also less expensive than some other fill materials, but still does a great job. To top off the fill, we added 5/8 minus, a permeable, crushed rock mixture, to make a smooth, even surface.

We've built a number of RV parking pads like these around the Olympia area. However, this one was somewhat unique. Becuase it was a fair distance from the house, we also built in RV services, including a septic dump and water and electric hookups. We also installed a privacy fence aound the front of the space, and some side fencing for aesthetics.

The homeowner can now fully service their RV, and even use it as an extra room in a pinch.

If you need more room to park your RV, extra cars or recreational equipment like boats and trailers, AJB Landscaping & Fence, as a full-service landscaping company, can design a solution that will best fit your situation. Whether you need to create a raised parking area like this one or need your driveway expanded, we have the experience and versatility to build a space for your needs.


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