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Thurston County Paver and Drainage System Installation

This permeable paver system covers a basil area with drain rock and an on-demand sump pump. Point to the photo to see what's underneath the pavers.This permeable paver system covers a basal area with drain rock and an on-demand sump pump. Point to the photo to see what's underneath the pavers.

New Drainage System, Sump Pump Protect Home from Flooding

What do you do when your basement keeps flooding during the rainy season?  This Thurston County homeowner came to AJB Landscaping & Fence with this question hoping for a solution to this ongoing issue he had with his property.  As you can see in the gallery pictures below, the basement entrance to his home was below grade, causing rainwater to pool up and flood the home.  If left untreated, this situation could eventually damage the foundation of the home, resulting in expensive repairs.

Rather than regrade the entire backyard, which would have destroyed his beautiful, park-like backyard, we created a system to drain the area automatically when it fills with water.  First, we created a large basal area with drain rock to collect incoming rainwater.  We then installed a 1/3 horsepower sump pump with an on-demand float alarm system connected to a discharge pipe line that leads to the other end of the property.  Once the collection area fills with water, the sump pump automatically turns on and pumps the water out through the discharge pipe.

Then we finished the area with permeable pavers.  Unlike a concrete slab, which would allow water to run towards the house, the paver system allows water to soak down through the soil and into the collection basin.  Finally, we buttoned up the patio area with new stairs and retaining wall to prevent the higher ground from the rest of the yard from eroding on to the paver patio.

The end result not only solved the drainage and flooding problems, but also created an elegant, attractive backyard patio that the homeowner can use for outside entertaining.

At AJB Landscaping & Fence, we pride ourselves in coming up with innovative solutions for unique situations.  In this case, we were able to take a potentially hazardous situation and transform it into an attractive, usable space without making extensive changes to the property.

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