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Raised Paver Patio in Lacey

clemente paver patio 09This raised paver patio features Western Interlock Park & Plaza stones in a Charleston blend. We were able to carefully preserve the grape vines and integrate them right into the design of the patio.

We integrated their grape vines right into the patio!

This Lacey area home owned by Pierre and Phyllis Clemente had a patio gone wrong. The driveway and back patio were constructed with concrete mixed with chunks of pre-cured concrete during the pour. We think this was supposed to give it an interesting texture, but all it did was cause the driveway and patio to fail.

The Clementes decided that paver patio would be the best fit for their design preferences and lifestyle. However, the ground was low, uneven, and prone to oversaturation during the winter. The solution, we decided, was to build a raised patio patio in the back. To complement the design, we also built matching front entry patio and walking paths connecting the front to the backyard.

To prepare for this project, we removed all of the old concrete and then built the property up with fill. Beacause they had mature vegetation - in particular, some beautful grape vines - we were very careful not to disturb the root system.

As you'll see in the photo gallery below, the final product came out beautifully. We were able to build the raised patio around the grape vines and integrate them into the design. The Western Interlock Park & Plaza stones in a Charleston blend contrast nicely with the Basalite EnCore blocks used to create the raised wall and match up nicely with the existing wooden boat dock.

The Clementes are very happy with the results. We were able to create consideraly more usable space than they had before while still managing to save their grape vines. They use their backyard "10 times more' now that they have the new paver patio. And it's certainly improved the appearance and curb appeal of their property.

We love building paver patios and particularly raised paver patios because they do so much to transform the landscaping of a home. We'd love to build one for you too! Give us a call at 360-789-3707 or fill out our contact form and we'll be happy to provide you with a free estimate.