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Renovating Our Own Tumwater Property - La Pietra Paver Patio

Western Interlock La Pietra PaversWestern Interlock's La Pietra pavers feature a new profile and are extremely popular with our customers.

See this new, popular design at our AJB office!

We're always busy here at AJB Landscaping & Fence working on projects througout South Puget Sound. There's an old saying that tends to be true about contractors: we are so busy working on other people's projects that we never get a chance to work on ours.

However, we decided when we moved into our new offices this spring that we needed to buck this trend. While we're not done working on our Tumwater property just yet, we're making big progress. We think it's important that we have a walk-in location that does justice to our own work, so we're taking the time to fully renovate our own property.

Here are some pictures of our newly-upgraded front entrance, including a paver patio with multiple styles, a retaining wall, a built-in water feature, and an estate fence with a trellis system.

In renovating our yard, we wanted to feature the latest and greatest. That's why, in addition to a section with Western Interlock's slimline product installed in muster k pattern, we added a contrasting area with their newest paver product, La Pietra, set in random pattern. As you can see in the pictures, unlike the slimline product, La Pietra stones come in a variety of sizes, giving it a distincive look to many other paver products. This high-quality paver product has a striking resemblance to real stone at considerably lower cost. We've gotten feedback that many people are interested in this new product, so we wanted to put it on display right here at the office!

Take a look through some of the pictures on our work-in-progress in the gallery below. We'll update this page once we have the project completed.


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