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How To Be a Good Neighbor

 A good neighbor fence has the same profile on both sides, so there is no front or back, making it ideal for a shared fence line.A good neighbor fence has the same profile on both sides, so there is no front or back, making it ideal for a shared fence line.

"Good Neighbor" Fence Adds Privacy, Finished Look to Lakewood Properties

Most people who are looking to buy a house do research on neighborhoods in the area and consider factors such as the quality and ratings of the schools their children will attend, crime rates and propterty taxes. These factors are all publicly available online.

One of the most important elements to enjoying your neighborhood, however, is one that your unlikely to learn about ahead of time: your neighbors. If you have great neighbors, they can become close friends and even become like extended family. But bad neighbors can make your home life like a war zone. Thankfully, most people find that they get along with their neighbors well.

An issue you are likely to face at some point in home ownership is what to do about shared property. For example, if there's a tree on the property line, who owns it, who trims and maintains it, and even whose insurance covers it if there's a storm and it falls down and damages either or both properties. Obviously, if you get along well with your neighbor, you can usually work out these details as friends.

Another one of these shared property items is fences. While a front yard fence is typically the homeowner's responsibility, the side and back fence are oftentimes along a shared property line with a neighbor. So if a fence needs to be added or replaced, you'll likely have to work out an agreement with your neighbor about the style of fence and who is going to pay for it.

Unfortunately, with some styles of fences, there is a "front" and a "back." The frame that holds the fence together is typically on the back, making the back less attractive. Particularly if both neighbors are contributing to the cost of the fence, this can be an issue. After all, do you want to end up with the back side facing your property?

To solve this problem, AJB Services recommends a "good neighbor" style fence. This profile alternaties the fence boards on either side of the frame, making both sides of the fence identical. This way, both neighbors effectively have the front side of the fence facing their property. This allows you to be a "good neighbor" by sharing the same aestheic quality on both sides of the fence.

The only downside to this design is there is a slight gap between each alternating board. But this is only visible when you stand right next to the fence or look at the fence from a sharp angle. And if you're friends with your neighbor, you may even find this to be handy because you can stand close to the fence and see other through the gaps.

And the gaps provide another advantage: there is less stress on the fence during windy weather. Wind can pass through the gaps. This means you can have a fence with some privacy without having to worry about it blowing down in a wind gust.

The pictures below are from a fence we built in Lakewood. While all the pictures we took are from one neighbor's side, the other neighbor sees the same profile and has the same level of privacy and aestheics. They also chose this style of fence because they live in a gusty area and wanted to limit the potential for wind damage.

A good neighbor fence is a great way to add a great new look to your property, while at the same time sharing the investment equally with your neighbor. If you'd like to find out more about installing a good neighbor fence on your property, please contact us through our customer inquiry form.


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