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Hewett Lake Security Privacy Fence with Gate

Hewett Lake security and privacy fence prevents the public from entering this private lakefront community.AJB Landscaping & Fence installed this fence for privacy and security to prevent trespassers from using the community's private lake. (Click to see a larger view)  

Tall Fence with Security Lock Keeps Out Trespassers

Hewett Lake is a community-owned, private lake in southwest Washington just north of the Columbia River. Unfortunately, the community was having problems with non-residents using the lake for their own purposes, even though private lake signs were clearly posted. Worse, these unwelcome visitors were littering, loitering and partying on this private property.

The community decided to solve this problem by installing a privacy gated fence.  The double wide gate is designed to swing open for extra large items, like boats and other equipment. To make the fence more secure the gate section almost 8'tall, and the gate is protected by a special security lock.

The residents can again use their private lake area once again without trespassing people littering, loitering, and using their private lake as their own private playground.

Whether you need a simple privacy fence for a small yard, or a security fence for a large estate or commercial property, AJB Landscaping & Fence can handle the job.

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