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Kennel Fences in Tumwater and Olympia

Kennel fence installed as part of a cement pad and pathway projectKennel fence installed as part of a cement pad and pathway project. Point to the image to see the area before installation.

Kennel Fences Keep Yards Inviting White Containing K9's

Here are a couple of examples of kennel fences we've installed in South Puget Sound.  A kennel fence is designed to contain man's best friend, both to keep him from surprising visitors and to keep him getting into the street or running away.  At the same time, because of the open wire fencing, the yard feels more open and inviting than a solid fence.  These fences are strong and durable, while still being aesthetically pleasing at a reasonable cost.

Tumwater Kennel Fence and Cement Pad

The first example, built for a customer in Tumwater, was part of a larger project.  This customer wanted a large kennel fence, concrete sidewalk and generator pad.  The idea was to create a connecting area between the home and the outbuilding that was easy to keep clean and give the property a more finished look. Because the buildings were at odd angles to each other and on different grades, it was a bit of a challenge to come up with a solution.  By using a curved sidewalk in front, we were able to to give the space a more natural, blended look that really brought the two areas together, while still creating a safe contained are for the owner's Bull Mastiff.

Olympia Kennel Fence

The second example, a kennel fence built for a high-end home in rural northeast Olympia, was a designed for strength with welded wire and easy access gates.  The posts and rails were assembled using pressure treated wood and cedar post caps to add long-term durability. This four foot fence is the most common type of kennel fence we build, designed keep dogs safe and contained.  If you look carefully, you can also see the traditional, black chain link fence we built to prevent the bigger, stronger dogs from damaging the wood fence behind it.  This type of fence is built with an underground barrier that prevents dogs from digging under the fence.

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