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Farm Fence - Keeping Out the Deer

Deer and farm fenceThis farm fence includes wire mesh to keep dogs in and deer and other critters out.

This Thurston County property owner wanted to maintain the open, rustic feel of his large backyard while keeping his dogs contained. He also wanted to keep deer and other, smaller wild animals out of the yard. A chain-link fence could have provided the same function, but it didn't match the aesthetics of his country property.

The solution we created was a farm fence supplemented with wire mesh. This provided a good compromise between an open view and yard security while maintaining a look consistent with the wood siding on his home. He was even able to stain the fence to match the siding. The fence includes a swing gate to provide easy access to the rest of the property, wide enough to drive a small tractor through for lawn mowing and yard maintenance. He elected to have the rear section of the fence built with black powder-coated chain-link fencing because that part of the property is lower and more subject to standing water during the rainy season.

In addition to the farm fence, he needed a more contained area where he could keep his dog unattended. For this purpose, we built an outdoor kennel using black powder-coated chain-link fencing. This area is designed for easy maintenance with a gravel base and includes a swing gate for easy access. This fence also matches the rear span of the perimeter fence.

At the front of the property, we also built a matching fence that included both a wood swing gate and a larger chain-link gate to control access to the front of the house.

Whether you need a wood, chain-link or wrought-iron fence, AJB Landscaping & Fence has a solution for you. Give us a call at (360) 789-3707 or contact us online. We'll come up with a solution that fits your needs.