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Vinyl Farm Fence for Durability

 Vinyl Farm FenceThis vinyl farm fence was only slightly more expensive than a traditional wood farm fence but requires virtually no maintenence.

When people think of a farm-style fence, they usually think of a rustic wood design. But this rural Thurston County customer wanted her fence to complement her country estate and retain its appearance over time without a lot of maintenance. After discussing the options with us, she chose this sharp-looking four-rail, white vinyl fence.

Because this is a residence and not a farm, the fence doesn't enclose an area. It's primarily there for aesthetic reasons and to add some definition to the property boundaries. As an added benefit - as you can see on the foggy day we took these photos - the fence makes it much easier to navigate this long driveway during inclement weather.

Vinyl fences are much easier to maintain than wood. Even using the best quality lumber, over time the rails of a wood farm fence will warp. Wood fences also require regular staining or painting to maintain prevent weathering and damage. With a vinyl fence, while you give up the ability to change their color, they require virtually no maintenance. Modern vinyl fences do not fade or stain. To clean them, you simply wipe them off with a sponge or a wet rag or just pressure wash them.

While in most cases vinyl fences are more expensive than wood, with a farm-style fence like this one, the difference in cost is minimal. So our customer received all the benefits of vinyl for just slightly more than a traditional wood farm fence. If you consider the added costs over time to maintain a wood fence including professional washing, repainting and replacing warped boards, you can see that long-term vinyl fences are a better value.

If you have a rural property and are looking for an attractive fence that is maintenance free, consider a vinyl fence from AJB Landscaping and Fence. Give us a call or contact us through our online form and we'll get right back to you to set up an appointment for a free on-site estimate.