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Dog Kennel with Raised Garden

AJB Landscaping & Fence built this unique outdoor dog kennel that doubles as a raised garden.AJB Landscaping & Fence built this unique outdoor dog kennel that doubles as a raised garden.

Keeping Dogs in and the Deer Out

We've built quite a few dog fences, dog kennels and deer fences over the years, but we're really excited about this project because it combines all three!

This Rainier homeowner had two problems for us to solve. On the one hand, he had an active dog that needed a fenced-in area outside. On the other hand, deer kept raiding his garden and destroying his plants, so he needed a protected area to grow his veggies.

We worked with him to come up with the unique idea of combining a dog kennel and garden into one space. A kennel fence is a great way to keep a dog contained, but it also is very effective at keeping deer, rabbits and other critters out. The fenced area includes a 30' x 30' section for a dog house and room for his dog to do his business, and a separate, 20' x 30' area for three raised garden beds.

The fence is built to last, using pressure-treated posts and black vinyl-coated chain link fencing. Unlike a privacy fence, we typically build kennel fences with chain-link fencing so that people can see their dogs and their dogs can see what's going on around them.  The see-through fence also made sense for the garden. There is also a divider fence between the two areas to keep the dog out of the garden and keep the dog's mess contained. The ground in both sections is covered with playground-grade, sliver-free wood chips to make it easy on the dog's sensitive paws and provide easy clean-up.

The garden area includes three, 4' x 10' raised beds. The 24" depth leaves plenty of room for soil to grow most vegetables. We also installed a drip irrigation system for each raised bed. Drip irrigation is great for gardens because it delivers water only to the areas that need it and dramatically lowers water consumption compared to sprinklers.

The dog house is the only part of this project we didn't build. The homeowner built the house from a kit, while we installed the pad in front of it using 12" x 12" pavers.

If you're looking for a way to give your dog more freedom, an outdoor kennel area is a great way to go. You can count on AJB Landscaping & Fence to build you a quality kennel that will last for many years. And we are willing to think out of the box to come up with innovative ideas like this combined garden and kennel. Please contact us using the tab at the top of our website and we'll be happy to provide you with a free estimate for your own custom project.


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