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Composite Decking Material Installation Near Yelm

AJB Landscaping & Fence installed this pair of composite decks as part of a backyard renovation project. Point to the image to see how the old deck appeared.AJB Landscaping & Fence installed this pair of composite decks as part of a backyard renovation project. Point to the image to see how the old deck appeared.

Durable, Composite Decking Complements Backyard Renovation Project

We installed this beautiful pair of composite decks as part of a full backyard overhaul project in a lakeside community south of Yelm, Washington. The project included a huge, new retaining wall, a new drainage system, landscaping beds and new sod. The owner was looking for a durable deck that would last for years and stand up to the hot, baking sun in the summer and wet and cool weather in the winter. He also wanted to make sure the new decks were safe, not just to build them up to code to replace his old, substandard decks, but to make his backyard safe for his grandchildren when they visit.

We recommended he use composite decking material. The decking we used for this project is not Trex brand, the most popular name brand, but rather the store brand offered by the local home improvement store. This helped keep the cost down.

Composite decking has advantages and disadvantages compared to pressure-treated wood. Because it is manufactured, the material is more consistent than wood boards. Although it is not indestructible, it will never crack and has a longer life expectancy than wood. On the other hand, composite material is more expensive than wood, and while it is manufactured with a simulated wood grain, it does not have the character and uniqueness of wood. Typically composite material cannot be stained or painted either, so once you install it you can never change the color.

In the end, deciding between a wood or composite deck will boil down to preference in appearance and your budget. If you are considering a new deck installation or a deck replacement, contact AJB for a free estimate. We will visit your property, take measurements, and learn from you how you plan to use your deck and what price range you can afford. Then we'll give you an accurate bid based on your needs and budget.


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