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Rochester Trex Deck Transformation


Trex Deck Transformation

Before and after shots of a deck remodel in Rochester. We replaced the original deck with Trex composite decking and posts and added a cocktail rail for a unique touch. This deck will last for years and years!

Posted by AJB Landscaping & Fence on Thursday, December 7, 2017

Composite Deck and Railing System Will Provide Years of Maintenance-Free Use

Judy Barnes was ready for a new deck. Her home’s old week deck was worn out and decaying from years of exposure to harsh, summer sun and cold, rainy winters. And the railing, which was added on at some point to make the deck safer, was not sturdy and installed with wire mesh that was, quite honestly, a bit of an eye sore.

We worked with Judy to design a new deck that is larger, more functional, attractive and durable. After examining the existing deck structure, we discovered that the deck framework was actually in good condition. This is actually not all that uncommon -- while the exposed deck surface becomes weathered, the underlying posts and frame are somewhat protected from the element. As long as they are installed properly and made from pressure-treated wood, we can often save our customers some money reusing the existing base. In Judy’s case, she wanted a larger deck, so we extended the framework to increase the surface area by about 70 percent.

After removing the old deck boards and renovating and extending the frame, we installed grey Trex composite decking with white Trex composite posts to match the house. The wide, flat railing profile is designed to be wide enough to hold drinks and is appropriately called a “cocktail rail”.

Because the surface and railing system is made from Trex composite materials, this deck will be virtually maintenance free for years to come. If the surface becomes dirty, it can be simply rinsed off with a hose. And Trex decking is permanently colored so it will never require staining or refinishing.

Judy loves her new deck and can’t wait until spring to enjoy it. If you’re thinking about a new deck, we can install them year round, so you can have your new deck ready for spring too! Contact AJB Landscaping & Fence and we’ll be happy to give you a free estimate.


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Rochester Trex Deck Remodel & Extension

Here's a little drone footage of a deck remodel we did down in Rochester. We removed the old deck boards, refurbished the underlying framework, extended the base and then installed a new two-tone Trex surface and railing. Came out really nice! We'll have before and after photos on our website shortly.

Posted by AJB Landscaping & Fence on Wednesday, December 6, 2017