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Cooper Point Deck Remodel

We were able to save these Cooper Point homeowners a great deal of time and money by reusing their existing deck framework.AJB was able to save these Cooper Point homeowners a great deal of time and money by reusing their existing deck framework.

"Deck-Over" Saves Thousands by Reusing Existing Framework

Living on the Puget Sound affords people with some spectacular views, a seren environment, and access to water recreation, but inevitably, putting a wood structure next to salt water is going cause wear and tear. The combination of salt air, foggy and rainy winters, and intense summer sun is a hash environment that will cause wood to deteriorate.

These Cooper Point homeowners decided it was time to replace their deck. It hadn't been treated with any kind of protectant and was fairly badly weathered. However, after looking at the underlying structure of the deck -- the posts and frame boards -- we discovered that these pressure-treated components were actually still in good shape: it was only the deck boards, which had direct exposure to the elements, that were worn and needed to be replaced.

This is not uncommon, and by taking the time to inspect the existing materials, we were able to save the homeowners quite a bit of time and expense. In many cases, we are able to use the existing framework structure of a deck. If there are some posts or frame boards that are no longer structurally sound, we can selectively replace the bad components.

We removed the weathered deck boards and replaced them with 3,000 sq. ft. of new, 2" x 4" cedar boards. It will be up the homeowner, but we also recommend treating the deck boards with a semi-transparent, waterproof stain to prolong the life of the wood.

If you are faced with a weathered deck, before you replace the entire deck, let AJB provide you with a free inspection. We can determine if any of the existing deck can be reused, and then provide you with a fair and accurate quote.


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