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Concrete Patio Extension with Brushed Finish

Backyard patio after concrete extension with brushed finish is installed. Point or press on the image to see how it looked before.Backyard patio after concrete extension with brushed finish is installed. Point or press on the image to see how it looked before.

Large or Small, AJB Landscaping & Fence Does It All When It Comes to Concrete Work

AJB Services does all sorts of concrete work, from small concrete patio extensions to large driveways with RV parking and basketball courts.  No job is too small or too large for us. A concrete patio extension is an affordable way to add more space to your existing patio without having to start from scratch. As long as your existing patio is in good condition, we can add a new section to give you more space.

In this case, the homeowner wanted more room for an outdoor grill and additional seating. With the existing patio being only about 6' x 6', there was barely enough room for a chaise lounge.  We removed the grass and added fill, leveled and compacted the area for the extension, and then poured a new concrete slab. Then, to add traction and more character, we added a brushed finish.  This is accomplished by carefully pulling a push broom across the surface before it completely dries, being careful to maintain even lines. (It's also possible to add patterns, such as fan shapes, by rotating the broom.) As a nice finishing touch, we left a smooth border all the way around the new deck surface to frame in the brushed area.

Now this homeowner has about four times as much patio space -- enough room for an barbeque and entire outdoor furniture set. They'll be spending a lot more time outdoors this year for sure!

If you'd like to find out more about adding a concrete patio extension anywhere in Western Washington, or have another type of concrete project you'd like a bid on, please fill out our contact form. We'll respond to you quickly and arrange to give you a free estimate.