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Lacey Exposed Aggregate Concrete Patio Extension

Patio Transformation after exposed aggregate extension and landscapingPatio Transformation after exposed aggregate extension and landscaping. Point to the image with your mouse to see the "before" picture.

Backyard Transformation on a Budget

This small backyard landscape in Lacey, Washington was transformed by installing new sod, a new exposed aggregate patio extention, new landscape boulders, new raised beds and a small plant package. The homeowners had a very limited budget and wanted to maximize their entertaining patio within their budget.

A patio extension is a great way to create additional surface area on a budget.  Instead of removing the existing patio, which requires additional labor and haul-away costs, we are able to add a new slab, complementing the original concrete.

In an effort to keep costs and home prices low, builders developing subdivisions often build undersized patios.  These small patios are structurally sound, but unfortunately they aren't very functional.  By extending the patio with an additional concrete slab, the homeowner is able to make their patio more usable without having to remove a pefectly good section of cement.  

"Exposed aggregate" is a method to add texture and finish to concrete slab.  Rather than creating a smooth finish, we carefully wash away the top layer of contcrete, allowing different sizes and colors of pebbles (aggregate) to be exposed on the surface of the concrete before it sets.  The surface of exposed aggregate concrete is ideal for a wet, damp climate like Western Washington because it acts as a camouflage to dirt moss, and other build-up during the wet winter months.  Rather than looking stained and dirty, like smooth concrete, exposed aggregate actually appears to have more character as it's exposed to the elements.  It also gives the concrete a more tractable surface when wet.

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