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Backyard Makeover for Special Needs Family

This backyard makeover included a new concrete patio with scalloped stairs, retaining walls and a privacy fence.This backyard makeover included a new concrete patio with scalloped stairs, retaining walls and a privacy fence.

Concrete Patio, Retaining Walls and a New Fence Make This Backyard ADA-Friendly.

This project could fit into more than one section of our website, but we're including it here because the patio is the most prominent feature. This is a perfect example of how AJB's experience in all areas of landscaping allows you to use us as your go-to contractor for a complete solution.

Why is this important? It will save you time, money and frustration.

For example, this project included:

  • re-grading the backyard
  • installing a contoured, aggregate-finish concrete patio with scalloped stairs
  • building retaining walls to house landscape beds
  • adding two new sections of privacy fence with a swing gate on one end of the property
  • finishing the job with gravel border areas and landscape soil

Potentially, this project could have required five separate contractors. As a homeowner, how would you coordinate between all of there different companies? That would mean five separate bids and five different schedules while having to coodinate them in sequence since some of the jobs needed to be done before others.

But because AJB Landscaping & Fence is able to provide all of these services, were able to provide one bid that includes oversight of the entire project from start to finish. Once the homeowner approved the plans, we handled everything.

This project was also unique because we built it with a special-needs family member in mind. While we didn't have it certified as ADA-compliant, we took special care to design and build everything to be either wheelchair accessible or easiliy maneuverable by a parent or assistant pushing a wheelchair.

If you have a complex landscaping project with multiple components, AJB can greatly simplify things by performing all of the tasks. The entire project will go more efficiently, and you may even save money by not having to work with multiple contractors. To find out more, contact us at 360-789-3707 or fill out the contact tab at the top of the page.

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