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Hawks Prairie Concrete Patio Extension

Exposed aggregate concrete extensionAJB added a much larger exposed aggregate concrete patio extension to this Hawks Prairie home. The new contoured patio extends from both sides of the original and also includes side steps.

Picking up where the homebuilder left off

Here's an aggregate concrete patio extension we built in the Hawks Prairie subdivision in Lacey.

With all the new construction in the the Olympia area, we're running into quite a few scenarios like this. The owner buys a home in one of the new subdivisions. The home builders, in order to cut costs, install the absolute minimum concrete stairs and landing pad for the rear entry or rear slider door.

In this case, you can see that the stairs and landing are just slightly wider than the sliding door. In fact, there wasn't even enough room on the patio to put a table and two chairs! In the photo above, you can see the original stairs and patio are lighter in color. Once the concrete we installed cured and is exposed to the sun, it will lighten and match the original concrete.

AJB built an extension to for the exposed aggregate concrete patio in both directions, almost to the entire width of the property. We also added side steps to the original set of concrete stairs, making the stairs safer and easier to access from the sides.

Rather than install a simple, square patio, we worked with the homeowner to design a contoured patio. While more difficult to install, this looks more stylish than square corners and also left more of the backyard for grass.

Finally, we solved a drainage problem by installing and underground drain to carry away water from the rear of the patio. Because the backyard is at a lower grade than the surrounding landscape, water was pooling up in the against the landscape border. With the larger patio, the the problem was only going to get worse because the concrete drained in that direction. By installing a drain at the lowest point, the water flowing down from the patio and the higher areas of the backyard safely drains away to the storm drain.

If you are a homeowner in one of the many newer subdivisions in town, chances are you also have a tiny back patio. Let AJB Landscaping & Fence improve your backyard's usability and value by installing concrete or paver patio extension. Give us a call at (360) 789-3707 and we'll be happy to come out and give you a free bid.

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