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Spanaway Retaining Wall and Privacy Fence

Privacy fence and retaining wall. Point to the picture to see how the property looked before installation.Privacy fence and retaining wall. Point to the picture to see how the property looked before installation.

No More Peeping Toms for This Family!

This Spanaway resident had no privacy at all, putting their bedrooms on display for all passersby to see.  To make things worse, since the property is higher than the road, the landscape beds in the front yard kept eroding down on the sidewalk.  Because the front of the yard had such a steep grade, nothing would grow there but weeds, turning the approach into an ugly eyesore.

We solved all of these issues by installing a 4 foot retaining wall and a 6 foot Amnesty style cedar fence above it.  This created a much cleaner look for the home, and also added much-needed privacy.  Now the homeowner has a much improved front yard, and no longer has to worry about peeping toms.

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